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Vanessa & Curtis Young
visiting the From the Earth Information & Resource Center |

As an educational consultant for From the Earth Information & Resource Center, I spend a lot of time with patients and medical professionals on building the most appropriate "action plan" with cannabis therapies.

The two factors on building a medical condition and daily lifestyle. Functional products for patients are key whether it's for daily use or a patient with cancer who wants to attend their child’s wedding for the weekend.  

 As I sit on the board of two consumer protection organizations, I’m often asked by physicians what are my go to products.  Each week I will review products that cross my desk at From the Earth the #1 state licensed dispensary in Orange County CA.  

Mieko Hester-Perez specifically invokes the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and of the press without prejudice. The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease but are proven useful for health and life extension. Mieko Hester-Perez will always recommend when and wherever possible that licensed local healthcare professionals be consulted. 

Review #2

Published 12/26/2017 

Papa & Barley Releaf Balm 

Soothing | Relaxing| Calming 1:3 THC:CBD 

Patient Profile #1:  

Age:  18 yr. old Male

Patient is looking for a product to address the on set of painful muscle spasms in his calves. 

Symptoms: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 

Medication History:  Autism, second to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 

Review: (3-7) days    

Preferred time:  immediately & random 

Results:  Patient was able to sleep | Reduced: spasms within 3 minutes of applying balm, patient stopped yelling and showed signs of decreased discomfort.  Patient tolerated the smell, now the balm is applied 2x a week during his massage therapy. 

Patient Profile #2:  

Age:  40 yr. old Female

Patient is looking for a product to provide relief after working (15-20hr) shifts on her feet as a celebrity makeup artist. 

Symptoms:  Tired Feet | Swollen feet 

Medication History:  Overall good health | Non-Cannabis Consumer

Review: (3-7) days    

Preferred time: Daily 

Results:  Patient stated she applied the balm evenly on the bottom/heel/Arch of her feet nightly. Patient stated within 72hrs of applying the balm she noticed less discomfort and could endure standing for longer periods of time. 

Patient Profile #3:  

Age:  55 yr. old Female

Patient is looking for a product to address falling on her elbow. (Patient was given samples on her first visit to FTE in December 2017)

Symptoms:  Elbow pain 

Medication History:  Overall good health

Review: (3-7) days    

Preferred time:  N/A

Results:  Patient stated she fell on her arm, her doctor prescribed pain meds. Patient was uncomfortable taking pain killers and remembered getting Papa & Barkley samples, so she tried the balm and it has provided her with immediate relief. Consumer now has medical recommendation to obtain Releaf balm from any CA state licensed dispensary. 

From the desk of Mieko Perez:  

In this review I wanted to introduce you to a product, that is my "Go To" product for patients who are looking for an effective topical for muscular aliments and muscle soreness. Papa & Barley balm has proven to be one of the products that patients can depend on for full spectrum relief and provide a healthy cannabis conversation with your physician when you have exhausted all other treatment options due to side effects or medication compatibility. 

For more information on Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm contact: From the Earth Dispensary Santa Ana CA (657) 444-7336 

Review #1

Published 12/11/2017 

Rabbit Oil CBD - Exclusive product sold only at From the Earth Dispensary - Santa Ana CA 

Product Details: 1000mg CBD Non-Psychoactive 99.6% Isolate | MCT Oil  

Treatment Conditions: Anxiety, Pain Management, Anti-Epileptic, Neuroprotective, Anti-ischemic, Anti-Inflammatory, Nausea Reduction. 

Patient Profile #1: 

Age: 31 yr. old Male  

Patient is looking for a product without THC and conducive to his lifestyle, sober living and fitness consultant.   

Symptoms: Substance Abuse| Anxiety | Depression   

Medication History: psychotropic medications   

Review: (14) days   

Preferred time: Every morning (3) dropperful  

Results:  Improved overall wellbeing, was able to sleep | Reduced: muscle soreness, stress and anxiety   

Patient stated he was more thoughtful & present. Improved communication patient stated he had clear communication.   

Patient Profile #2: 

Age: 9 yr. old Male   

Symptoms: Autism| Anxiety | Behavior   

Medication History: started on cannabis therapies age 8 yr. old, took a year break. Behaviors returned parents decided to start CBD.   

Review: (7) days   

Preferred time: Every morning (1) dropperful as needed   

Results:  Improved overall wellbeing, was able to sleep | Reduced: behavior and anxiety symptoms   

Parent stated his child has been a pleasure to be around and has been open to directions at school. Also, he has become giggly when appropriate setting.   

 Patient Profile #3: 

Age: 70 yr. Female  

Patient is looking for a product to help with inflammation due to neck surgery 

 Symptoms: Muscle and neck pain   

Medication History: Patient has never used CBD or Cannabis, she stated she was tired of traditional medications to treat her chronic pain from vertebrae surgery  

Review: (15) days   Preferred time: Every morning (1) dropper Morning |Afternoon| Evening

 Results: Improved overall well-being, was able to sleep.  

Patient stated she was able to get up in the morning and maneuver around her home, which has been a struggle in the past.    

From the desk of Mieko Perez:  

In this review I wanted to introduce you to a product that is an option for patients who would like a true CBD product.   In all 3 vastly different patient profiles, CBD Rabbit Oil proved to be effective with all ages, gender and lifestyles.  Recently, this product has become the "highlight" of my conversations with palliative care physicians looking for safe and effective alternative options to introduce to their patients who would not normally be open to cannabis products.   

For more information about Rabbit Oil CBD Contact: From the Earth Dispensary Santa Ana CA (657) 444-7336