Training your child’s palate with the Cannabis treatment option

Joey went from a yearly emergency behavior educational plan to a healthy appetite for Brussel Sprouts and receiving a letter from the 44th President of the United States.

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As many parents like myself we “endure” the 3-month food item cycle with our child on the autism spectrum. My son Joey would do PB&J sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner, then in 30-45 days later he would go back to chicken nuggets with the same routine that would result in missing the basic intake of daily nutrients.

In my case with Joey he was diagnosed with anorexia & malnutrition second to autism in 2009, as I discussed this issue with other parents I knew I was not alone with this cycle our children shared.

Embarking on seven years of speaking with families & physicians about the cannabis treatment option between the age groups of 6yrs to 52yrs old persons on the autism spectrum, cannabis has demonstrated to do what most autism nutritional dietary therapy protocols would like to do…and are usually a hit or miss because no child’s sensory palate is alike. What is common with this treatment being successful in prompting the gateway to health it is no different from any other ABA therapy or behavioral intervention…I like to call it the “optimal timing” intervention. As the cannabis treatment option continues to be the “go to” possibility for most families I, strongly believe this treatment option to be the most valuable to our nutritionist who treat persons on the spectrum. One of the most significant changes in any person malnourished is appearance, in which the whole cannabis plant can be effective in one dose, unlike most nutritional timetables cannabis enters the body and looks for deficiencies and in our children on the autism spectrum the appearance transformation is visible sometimes overnight. 

Cannabis with our children on the autism spectrum “instantaneous” acts a natural vitamin replacement machine, the plant finds what nutrients that are missing from the body and begins to the replenish missing vitality components.  So, you have a child that ate PB&J on a 30-45-day cycle, then waffles…now requesting broccoli and fresh fruit, the whole cannabis plant provides nutrients that would take months of most parents throwing up their hands half way into most dietary plans. Simply, because we end up dealing with an unpredictable and violent reaction from a PB&J to a Gluten Free Casein Free cookie resulting in a crisis unit entering our home to address the diet shift that is no longer the priority.

So each family that I consult with, we build the “optimal timing” plan.

That consists of:

  1. Cannabis delivery method
  2. Finding the ideal timing to introduce super foods
  3. Food prep options
  4. And revisiting ABA therapies, as your child becomes open to directions during this peak timing.

This therapy proves to be effective in introducing new food options even when the person on the autism spectrum has not consumed cannabis for up to 13 days, as an average starting point across the board with a vast age group. As the cannabis treatment option continues to evolve with opinions and critics I always look to the pioneers of controversial successful autism therapies.

Somoa Mukhopadhyay the pioneer mother from India who did not conform to giving up on her child but, has inspired other autism moms to “take the bull by its horns” and pioneer their own unconventional therapies and mine is the gateway to unlocking autism with cannabis.

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