When Families BLOG on the Cannabis Option

Sep. 26, 2015

After the Michigan qualifying condition program was rejected earlier this year, I had a family reach out to me and share their submitted testimony, in hopes of helping another special needs family with the same odds. Paying it forward in the special needs community, is how we survive our months, days and hours.

At least for me, it’s that one tip from another family that you hear during a conversation about our daily routine and it’s never explained but what we know what you’re talking about… I like to call it, the unspoken language of us.

I want to thank this family for trusting me to highlight them on my miekosblog.com  

Names have been changed to protect the family. I, Mieko Perez was given permission by the "Smith" family to share on miekosblog.com at my discretion. 

Parent Testimonial, July 2015 – Lives in Colorado, Accesses Medical Cannabis Legally due to a Seizure Diagnosis

On October 3, 2007 my husband and I were blessed to adopt our girl named Kim Rena Smith. Born at 28 weeks gestation weighing 2 lbs. 5 oz. She grew very well for a child who was premature. She did great and grew by leaps and bounds.  Happy, giggly with no real health issues.  Then at the age of just over 1 year things changed… she would not respond to her name, the babbling stopped, and no eye contact.  It was if she wasn't aware of things around her.  In 2011 she was diagnosed with severe autism. We were told the possibility of Kim becoming verbal was slim and that she would probably never be self-sufficient (that was a hard one to swallow).  As Kim got older it just seemed to get worse on everything…she slept 4 hours a night at best.  At the age of 5 she became so violent and her scratching, kicking, and biting at school and home was getting to be too much.  Her verbalization was maybe three words and it was sometimes hard to understand.  I never got so tired of having to repair stuff.  Finally my son who is 23 and lives in Colorado called and said mom you need to get Kim here there is help for Kim's seizures and I believe her autism also.  Mind you we knew at the stage with Kim we had two choices:  have her placed or move.  We choice the latter.  So we packed up and moved. We applied for Kim's red card and were approved in August 2014.  We got on the waiting list for CBD Oil (without THC) and THC.  Within a short time we started seeing changes.  Her aggression started getting better.  More words started getting clearer.  Her eye contact improved and her seizures became almost non-existent.  Her sleeping went from 4 hours to 7-8 hours. As time went on the words became longer and started to be full sentences and not only that, she started conversing with me!  Her eating has become excellent and we have been able to introduce a few more foods that she will eat.  Her aggression is 80 percent better and my arms are healing nicely.  She is finally using the big girl potty and I'm so thrilled!  Autism is hard on all involved.  And we are given our baby’s and they depend on us to help them get through this and medical cannabis (the whole plant) has saved my daughter and my family and I know without a shadow of a doubt, because I have proof within my own documentation and videos that medical cannabis has saved my daughter from being placed in a facility but it has also given my girl back to me.  So please with everything inside me I beg you to give these parents the same gift that I was given please let them have there child back by making autism a qualifying condition for medical cannabis in Michigan today. 

 Thanks for your time. 

Sincerely Yours,

Jane Smith, mom to Kim Smith