The Underground Cannabis Railroad

Somedays I feel like the modern day Harriet Tubman for special needs families who have chosen to treat their children with cannabis as a safe and effective medication treatment. 

With uncanny similarities to Ms. Tubman aka known as the conductor, with every phone call and email from a parent stating my name was given to them via a “hush circle”. A circle where special needs families talk about new therapies off the grid…an underground op.  I laughed when I heard a mother repeat I was an “urban myth” that guides families and others to follow my instructions.  It’s obvious I’m the Harriet Tubman task force, right?

Its emails like this one I’m sharing with you in my blog that reminds me if one more MJ legislative bill is passed without the acknowledgment of the new patient base, special needs families it will create a don’t ask, don’t tell philosophy.

This philosophy will present 2 options that we know very well in a generation lost to the autism spectrum disorder sink or swim

Special needs family definitions:

  1. Sink, we can’t afford legal counsel, respite, home support services, healthcare, special diets, therapy etc., without funding assistance.
  2. Swim, we can afford 2 out of 3 listed above but, our family has to be careful of what we say and list on medical reports or our family could sink. 

As it stands, there is no medical marijuana bills to address the special need families specifically that have federal healthcare funding and abide by the composite of special education laws as our main resources in our homes.   

  1. Will California’s AB266 see the catch 22? 
  2. Should there be a task force addressing protection safeguards for our families?

You be the judge.

Parent Email: Names & county have been changed to protect family

Hi Mieko - I wanted to thank you for the courage to stand up and tell the world what has helped Joey.  I have wanted to shout loudly by your side for some time.  However I'm bound to silence because I receive housing assistance.

My son is 16 and we have been using cannabis in addition to his meds. He has autism, crohn's, (likely absence seizures which have subsided) as well as ptsd and anxiety disorder nos w add features (a long list since arriving in CA in 2011)

He had very bad reactions to some psychiatric meds, but still takes Psychotropic medications. 

I'm writing now in need of help.  CPS has been called on my family In the past - from a county Psychiatrist and been unfounded. 

Recently his school keeps referring us to CPS as a retaliation and bullying because we opted for an unconventional treatment in his IEP.

I'm beyond knowing what to do anymore.  

I currently live in … county, California and I wonder if you know anyone up here that could help. From advice to legal counsel?

The last social worker was personally very supportive but did inform me that the … county sheriff’s office told them that no minor is protected by prop 215

Ps I'm so embarrassed that I let my hectic life get in the way of just saying THANK YOU! 

You inspired me when I still lived in VT.   I had read the ARI newsletter and though if my son becomes aggressive I would try this.  Then you showed the world how important this plant is!!!!

I tell people all the time, but live in fear of losing my home if I tell the truth too LOUDLY - This world is insane

We really are warriors in this.  I know other local families that are scared to try cannabis for their severely affected child because of the agencies involved in the child's care.

I find some irony in my situation- I gave full disclosure to the regional center, school, camp (who even administered to my son when he attended) a crisis agency, our home behaviorist, psychiatrist, pediatrician, neurologist, GI. 

 The crisis agency even advocated with the regional center to provide a private psychiatrist for consultation because a substitute psychiatrist in the county discriminated against us making the first CPS complaint.

 The school was aware for over a year before they reported it. I'm truly horrified that an "autism" school is using county resources against my son and I.

All because I advocated for them to follow his IEP.

Thanks again.