Until further laws are passed

Nov. 18, 2015
Jun. 3, 2015

Until further laws are passed, this is what special needs families need to consider when choosing cannabis as a safe and effective treatment for autism.  As a pioneer of this treatment option and co-founder of UF4A.ORG an informational website, I spend over 50% of my time consulting with families and medical professionals on navigating this treatment that currently has no guidelines or dosage structure. Once laws are passed to protect families who have chosen this treatment, there will still be some questions that will be foreign to the cannabis industry with respects to our unique school and family dynamics.

To date there is still no viable treatment in sight for most parents and medical professionals who have exhausted all other treatments for persons on the autism spectrum.  Physicians and special needs specialist will also need “starter guidelines” for the cannabis industry, the bridge of 2 misunderstood communities is finally connecting.

I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked answers on the “CODE” conversation of this treatment. As the diagnosis of autism and special needs children numbers rise with the influx of families reaching out to me presents a devastating statistic among families trying to survive the psychotropic protocol frustration that I encountered in 2009 when I went public with my son on this treatment option.

  • Parental Etiquette when choosing this treatment needs to be exercised by any means necessary. 
  • If you’re not in a compassionate state, expect uncompassionate legal action.
  • Social Media, owns everything you post…even in private groups.
  • Never assume all doctors have heard about this treatment option.
  • Without common sense discretion with medical providers, family members and friends about this treatment can be used against your family in a Child Protective Services debacle.  That could result into removal of the children until the case is closed.
  • Always keep a copy of all your medical documentation & 3rd party behavioral agency reports in a folder handy at every doctor’s appointment and 2nd copy available in your home.

Some of us have “medical bibles” and just like the bible, the documents work in our favor and could help avoid your family from seeking legal counsel. If you do have to seek legal counsel this will also make it easier for your attorney to be successful in the final outcome.

  • Even if your physician is ok with this treatment, until federal laws are passed it’s not in your families’ best interest to have this treatment listed in their medical history.  I say this because; most families receive some of type of funding through agencies and could encounter a loss of services based off this treatment option being on a report.
  • If you have other children in your home, parental discussions about this treatment with minor siblings is not an option. I believe in educating but, until further laws are passed this too could provide CPS with another reason to remove your children to evaluate your parental mindset.
  • Never assume a bud tender at a collective/dispensary is a doctor or autism expert, the wrong strain could land your child in the hospital where you will have to disclose this treatment in the ER department with doctors who are obligated to call CPS.  Each child is different under the autism umbrella and so are the collectives. My rule of thumb when finding a reputable collective, always ask which analytics lab do they use for strain testing and do they have a special needs consultant for families.
  • Just because a cannabis company is at a special needs conference doesn't mean it works but simply means you have an option to explore products.  Always keep in mind that a knowledgeable information source is your best bet on your choice of products. Ask yourself, does this company have family peer reviews w/ reputable opinions? 

I strongly feel at the rate of autism and special needs families in America that are on an upswing, these treatment options can only further marijuana legislation efforts in our favor through our voting rights, ground breaking science and medical professionals who follow their doctorate oath to our children in preserving and providing a better quality of life.